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  • Construction started. Planned completion of construction works in Q2 2023.


Safrano is two minimalist, 6-storey buildings in Borek Fałęcki – a young district, perfectly tailored to the needs of different generations. The whole estate has been designed very carefully. Mineral facade tiles make the buildings elegant. Windows with increased acoustic parameters, well thought out layout of premises, air purifying plants, anti-smog diffusers — those are the details that are important both on the first day, and years later.


Safrano is 99 different apartments – see which one is tailored to your needs best. Choose your dream window view, layout of rooms and other important to you elements which make the perfect apartment. Finding a good place to live is a wonderful adventure and we’ll guide you through it step by step. Just make an appointment.

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Safrano is located in one of the youngest districts of Kraków – Borek Fałęcki. This is where families and active young people live. Low-rise buildings, peace and quiet; this location is the golden mean between life in the city center and relaxation away from the metropolis. The center is a 15-minute drive away. It will take you 7 minutes by bike to get to The Borkowski Forest and Rzewny Creek and it is just a 15-minutes-walk to Solvay Park with its many attractions (playground, ping pong…). Here there is always somewhere to go and you can be certain – it will always be a beautiful and interesting place.


The air-purifying Anglojap Hillii yews are just a part of Safrano’s environment. Every day you will be surrounded by dozens of different species of trees, deciduous and coniferous shrubs, decorative grasses and vines. The well-equipped playground is enriched by the living architecture. A gazebo made of willow is an additional contact with nature for children, but also a unique decoration of the whole estate.



Residents of the ground floor will be able to enjoy their own gardens, which will be comfortably separated from each other with plants, and from the sidewalk – with pots with tall grass. The largest gardens are even up to 82 m2 big. The other apartments have spacious balconies. Large windows adjacent to the balconies allow the rooms to be illuminated perfectly. Garden or balcony? The choice is yours. It’s your very own open space – a place for you to rest, for the children to play, just waiting for all the great ideas to be implemented!


Lighting reacts to movement and amount of light, Saving the energy. Green roofs mean not only more plants in the estate, but also limited heating and reduction of pollution. Specially selected species stop rainwater, which counteracts the drying up of land and lawns and allows to build an animal-friendly microclimate. Taking into account people using electric cars, we designed parking spaces with the possibility of charging the vehicle. This is how we care about you and our common planet.

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Window diffusers are equipped with anti-smog filters and hygrosterable ventilation. Humidity in the apartment regulates itself: the intelligent system examines the air inside constantly and regulates how wide the diffusers and grilles are open on an ongoing basis. Safrano cares about the atmosphere in which you live, you work and rest. Every detail matters, and that is one of them.


To live here means to feel safe. This is assured by: security doors in every apartment, video intercom, high hedge around the estate, entry protected by a barrier, as well as rooms where you can storage your bike or stroller. Everything is supervised by 24/7 monitoring.



Pre-order is coming soon! Do not wait and send us a message now and we will help you find an apartment that will be the perfect answer to all your needs.

  • 6 min – Szkoła Podstawowa
  • 10 min – Przedszkole
  • 15 min – Park Solvay

  • 5 min – Centrum Sportu i Rekreacji
  • 7 min – Las Borkowski
  • 7 min – Kampus UJ

  • 6 min – CH Zakopianka
  • 9 min – Czerwone Maki P+R
  • 15 min – Centrum

  • Sport i rekreacja

  • Tereny Zielone

  • Przedszkola i żłobki

  • Zdrowie

  • Komunikacja

  • Gastronomia

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  • Zakupy

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