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Villa Jaskowa Dolina

  • Planned date for completion of construction: 2Q 2022 r.


Villa Jaśkowa Dolina [Jaśkowa Valley Villa] is a residential estate literally immersed within the Jaśkowa Dolina Park. We have designed each and every detail in a manner which assures comfortable and tranquil living for the residents. Indeed, Villa Jaśkowa blends the advantages of residence at an estate with the cosy atmosphere of living in your own house. Low buildings, proximity of the forest, an elegant discrete style of the overall project is consistent with the green surroundings – the opportunity to live in such a manner is not all that frequent.


Jaśkowa Dolina is one of the most beautiful areas of the old Wrzeszcz district in Gdańsk. This is a district with numerous Green areas and historical buildings from the end of the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century, in the style of municipal manor houses. It is right here in the very lagging of the Dolina Jaśkowa Park that 3- and -4-storey villas with apartments will be erected for those who appreciate comfort and have an eye for details. This is a venue which is close to the downtown area, and at the same time right next to nature. Get to work in a stress-free manner, to the cinema or shopping – quickly and pleasantly, and take a walk to the woods.



The first phase involves 5 buildings with 97 apartments (from 31 up to even 155 m2). The residents will be surrounded with a convenient infrastructure and well-considered design. The warm colours of the mineral clinker tile façade are in line with the dark-grey balconies and window joinery. Halls with elegant wallpaper, bicycle and carriage rooms, parking spaces for electrical cars, residential storage, silent elevators – these are only examples of what you can count on. We have given thought to details, which become important at a certain point, for example balconies facing the street have a glass finishing which insulates the interior against noise and offers protection against poor weather and dust.


Jaśkowa Dolina is tantamount to comfortable living and convenient commuting: 4 bus lines and 1 night bus line right next to the estate, 25 minutes of commuting to the downtown area, 4 minutes by car to the Morena Shopping Mall, 2 km to SKM [Rapid Municipal Railways] Wrzeszcz station and PKM [Pommeranian Metropolitan Railways] Brętowo station. It only takes a 10-minute walk at an easy pace to reach, among others, the supermarket, fitness centre, restaurant, kindergarten and high school. Through the streets: ulica Jaśkowa Dolina and ulica Rakoczego, you will reach other districts or leave the city; they also provide quick access to the Gdańsk University of Technology and the Medical University of Gdańsk. In other words – you will be where you want to be at any time you choose.


4500 m2 of green areas

The estate residents will live in the surroundings of 4500 m2 of tidy green areas. We are planning to plant over 50 species of plants, including beautiful decorative grass and creepers. Villa Jaśkowa Dolina also involves numerous ecological solutions: the project has taken into account rain gardens providing support for small retention, drinking bowls for birds, insect hotels, breeding shelters – so as the residents live in harmony and friendship with the surrounding nature.


Villa Jaśkowa Dolina is an excellent example of a venue chosen by both heart and reason. You can look for your first dwelling, increase your family and live well regardless of age. The neighbouring garden library, playgrounds with numerous attractions, sports equipment, wooden arbours, hammocks, benches, bicycle stands – we have attended to everything.



Jaśkowa Dolina matches well with old Gdańsk, albeit in a modern manner. Maybe this is what you’re looking for, perhaps it’s this very moment – an opportunity to live at a unique location? See the visualisation, check out the surroundings and imagine yourself living here.
You don’t have to make up your mind this very minute, but it would be worthwhile to write or call now.



You don’t have to be prepared or decide at once. It’s our job to see to it that you get all your information and are pleased with our conversation.

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  • 10 min – Supermarket
  • 10 min – Minipark Jaśkowy Zakątek
  • 6 min – Przedszkole

  • 5 min – Park Jaśkowa Dolina
  • 7 min – Aioli
  • 7 min – Politechnika Gdańska

  • 4 min – PKP Gdańsk Brętowo
  • 5 min – Galeria Morena
  • 15 min – Stare Miasto

  • Sport i rekreacja

  • Tereny Zielone

  • Zdrowie

  • Komunikacja

  • Gastronomia

  • Banki

  • Rozrywka

  • Szkoły i Przedszkola

  • Zakupy

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